1.1. Background and purpose

FACTS TV is a non profit company aimed at providing a media and social platform to bring back the NEETs to the civil society, encourage them to study further, mentor them and link them with possible opportunities that will help them succeed. NEET refers as to young people who are not employed and not in education. The number of South African NEETs increased from about 2 million in 1996 to close to 3.2 million in 2011. The NEET rates were 25.1% in 1996,34.0% in 2001 and 30.8% in 2011.In 2011, North West Province had the highest NEET rate by 36.4%.This is according to the FACTS sheet released by the Department of Higher Education and Training. As we recognizized the NEETs have potentials somehow and sometimes cannot come back to the society or rehabilitate,here we made a campaign plan for NEETs.

Target market

Target members of the public that are NEETs,school leavers, drop outs,affected families and relatives, training facilities,TVET college learners and employers.

1.2. Aims and Objectives of this campaign are

  1. To help support NEETs to gain social positions.
  2. To promote vocational education and training
  3. Promote accredited SETA institutions and academies
  4. To promote SETA accredited training facilities, opportunities and way to join society.
  5. To raise awareness and understanding about the the NEET’s issues.
  6. To reform social acceptance about NEETs.
  7. To promote artisans development

1.3.​The main message

The main message that we want to deliver through this campaign is ‘’Help,accept,know NEETs.Not to become one of them,not let your children, friend become one of them and after all its Cool to be an artisan’’ This main message contain these three points:

  1. Raise awareness of the condition
  2. To rehabilitate NEETs back into society.
  3. Promote growth and healthy relationship in the community
  4. To promete skills development and job creation


  1. Partner with the civil society, private sector and the Government departments and SOEs.
  2. Remove the public prejudice and stereotyping towards the NEETs through interactions.

As acceptance and awareness of NEETs are not good,educate or tell the public about what really NEETs are to create positive image.

  1. Approach Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Hononourable Mduduze Manana’ s office, social caring companies, government departments, Human Resources Development Council Secreteriate, National Sklills Authority Secreteriate, SOEs and line up with various corporations to offer training and employment opportunities.
  2. This campaign approach to organizations or areas that have potentials or interrests to help NEETs somehow.
  3. Organize different events,activities and training of different interests.
  4. This campaign gives hand directly ,not only through affected family or people around NEETs.
  5. Promote the new foundation and all our activities to the public by using different media channels to increase awareness and attention.: As this campaign sets up the wide range of target,media can be the best tool to promote the campaign and activities.


  1. Raise awareness and reform acceptance for the NEETs

Video and Television production: Package documentaries about NEETs and their families including some specific analysis to deliver the real voice from NEETs and affected people. Documentaries will broascast on TV and Youtube channel.This tactics can expect to gain the wide range of pupbic to involve the issue.

Use successful people who comes from humble backgrounds,This campaign adopts success stories of people who worked hard to better their lives and have great concern about NEETs to remove negative image about NEETs.We will promote this campaign and positive thinking to the public through social media,news letters, postors, stickers, magazines, youtube videos, and encourage young people to continue their education or have hope to their future.

  1. Straight communication with NEETs.

Home visit program: Volunteer people will visit NEETs home and their parents regularly to suggest solutionns to them.Every NEETs has different past,reason,personality and background story until now. Therefore individual interaction in home visit program can be great solution and opportunity for NEETs to reconsider themselves and their future. Also this tactics may encourage NEETs to have connections with people and events outside their house.

Workshops: This capaign will conduct some workshop for NEETs to enhance their communication skills to engage with the society again.

  1. TVET Colleges lecturing:

A television slot which brings TVET Colleges lessons into the comfort of everywhere : We will capture theory ands practical lessons from all 55 TVET colleges to create E-learning content and broadcast on TV. We offer all vocational education and training lessons that include, engineering, arts and culture, financial accounting to mention but few. Learners can also access information on our website and on Youtube.

The primary target audience of this Campaign is High School learners and drop outs, TVET learners particularly those in rural and marginalised areas who have minimum or no access to information and advice.